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Card Availibility

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Good Day,

Getting enough cards to build a proper deck ( a deck consisting of pairs of different factions means you often lose your bonus) takes some time, because the only way to get chars is through boosters and you only get a little amount of credits per day.

So I would like to know when can we expect the market to be ready?

Can you add more sources for credits for now?

- one-shot credit perks for low amount of gems

- repeatable credit perk for excess gems (obviously expensive)

- sell doubles for credits

- Will we have Daily Tournaments like in UR? ( with credit prizes)

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Do the Quest (Missions) give any rewards? (Don't see anything when i klick on them)

Where do I see all Quest that I can finish?

Of course Quests can be another source for credits… smile

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The Quests give an increased amount of gems upon completion, somewhere around 1000 gems.

- Pioneer of Rhynn (17)

Yep some additional way to get credits would be awesome. (For now at least)

I like Doughnuts. :)

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