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Worbis (Nível 28)

Good Day,

Getting enough cards to build a proper deck ( a deck consisting of pairs of different factions means you often lose your bonus) takes some time, because the only way to get chars is through boosters and you only get a little amount of credits per day.

So I would like to know when can we expect the market to be ready?

Can you add more sources for credits for now?

- one-shot credit perks for low amount of gems

- repeatable credit perk for excess gems (obviously expensive)

- sell doubles for credits

- Will we have Daily Tournaments like in UR? ( with credit prizes)

Worbis (Nível 28)

Do the Quest (Missions) give any rewards? (Don't see anything when i klick on them)

Where do I see all Quest that I can finish?

Of course Quests can be another source for credits… smile

Aeliasson (Nível 3)

The Quests give an increased amount of gems upon completion, somewhere around 1000 gems.

Jimbot (Nível 17)
Pioneer of Rhynn

Yep some additional way to get credits would be awesome. (For now at least)

I like Doughnuts. :)

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